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"I’m also trying to share my experience with other seekers because it’s always good to know you’re not alone and every heart slightly opening might reveal some insight to a key for cracking open some bits of others."
2020 ’20
The Ugly Duckling – Can We Fix It? Yes, We Can!!
Duister Deerntje (Murky Maiden)
Diamonds Are Forever
Tree of Life
Key to Love
A Rose for Hilde
Heart and Soul
Études de Position, Thumbs Up!!
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
2019 ’19
2018 ’18
♪ ♪ There Comes the Bride ♪ ♬ ♫
My Home Is My Castle
2016 ’16
Lonely Mountain
Love Gate
2015 ’15
It’s Magic!!!
The Great Wizard
All I Want for Christmas!!
My Eyes Are Fixed on You, Bluebird
Garden My Love
Love of the Fox and the Rabbit
Zen (dragon hole)
Warm (dragon hole)
Loyal (dragon hole)
Care (dragon hole)
Playful (dragon hole)
Adventurous (dragon hole)
Defenders of the Temple of the Winged Pig
Scorched Earth
2014 ’14
What Now?!!
Shoal My Love
Up, On Her Knees
Pure Love
You Make It Feel Like Home
Drop Your Weapon!!
2013 ’13
Prince of Love
Divine Stream
Rapunzel, Twist for Candy
Dus Bus
Unbearable Love
Spiritual Love
In Love
I Love You!!
Sorry, Sweetheart
Natural Love
Fête d’Amour
Pirate Love
I Love It!!
2012 ’12
Ice Cream Love
Jonah’s Love
Kiss of Love
Dark Gate of Love
Für Anna
Hello Kitty
Blackbird Love
Small Chapel of the Female Suffering, Bounded and Surrounded by Love
Crystal Clear Love
Garden of Eden
Frozen Garden of Love
2011 ’11
Refuge d’Amour
Altar of Love
2010 ’10
Temple of Love
2009 ’09
Love Boat
House of Love
2007 ’07
Love Car